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Welcome to my website

Art is the way I try to keep my balance in a changing world. I do this by focusing on the natural environment.

Balance does not mean stasis. I recognize that in nature, just as in the social environment, things are in a constant state of flux. But I still strive to find a point of equilibrium, even if it is only transitory. The process of creating my art brings me closer to that state, and offers a small island of calm to the viewer.


I chose fibre as my medium because of the variety of  textures available to me. From the beginning I included hand woven wools and pleated organzas with the flatter cottons and silks. More recently my work has become increasingly three dimensional as I experiment with yarns, cheesecloth and batting.


I have been making and selling fibre art for over 30 years. I have won awards at the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto and the Grand National Quilt Show, including the Grand Prize in 2010, and have been featured in 'Embroidery Canada' and 'A Needle Pulling Thread'.  


I am privileged to be a member of the Kingston Fibre Artists, a group of women who are interested in experimenting with the medium, and from whom I derive both energy and inspiration.

IMG_7679 (2).JPG

Selected Solo Shows

Unearthed, Studio 22 Open Gallery,                                                   Kingston 2020

Selected Works, Grace Centre,                                                           Sydenham 2017

Narrow Spaces, Studio 22,                                                                  Kingston 2014

Sea and Ice, Greenwood Quiltery,                                                       Guelph. 2006

Canadian Elements, Mississippi Valley Textile Museum,                 Almonte. 2001

Two Person Shows

Landed                                                                                                  Kingston 2022

Sisters across the Atlantic,                                                                 Bradford, UK. 2013

Recent Selected Juried Shows

Still, Grand National Quilt Show,                                                        Portage la Prairie, MB 2019

Concrete and Grass,                                                                            London, UK 2018

My Corner of the World -                                                                    Canada, France 2017

International Quilt Festival,                                                                Houston TX 2015

Water, Threadworks, Fergus,                                                             Ontario. 2013

De Rerum Natura, World of Threads Festival,                                 Oakville. 2012

The Rivers Edge,                                                                                 Clayton, NYS, USA. 2011

Off the Wall, Grand National Quilt Show,                                          Kitchener. 2010

Bleu, Galerie Ouest,                                                                            Montreal. 2010

International Art Exhibition,                                                               Fort Collins CO, USA. 2009


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